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Holistic Veterinarian
Holistic veterinarians offer valuable choices in health care. We have all of the tools of allopathic medicine
(traditional Western medicine) as well as numerous other healing modalities such as acupuncture,
homeopathy, herbal medicine, and such. The main difference in efficacy is that holistic modalities usually treat
the cause of the health problems, whereas allopathic medicine treats the symptoms. When you treat the
symptoms rather than the cause, you can be assured that further health problems
will, in all likelihood, arise in the future.

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Dr. Brennan, a 1982 graduate of Kansas State University, and now practices holistic veterinary medicine in
Blairsville, Georgia for cats, dogs and horses. She began her career as chief of surgery and radiology for the
Army Veterinary Corp Military Working Dog Unit at Lackland Air Force Base aiding in the care of up to 300
dogs. Dr. Brennan has published two holistic care books, "The Natural Dog" and "The Complete Holistic Care
and Healing for Horses". She has also written numerous magazine articles and spoken to local and national
organizations concerning holistic veterinary medicine.
Her practice is multifaceted and includes acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, herbs, essential oils, Bach
Flowers, nutritional evaluation, patient management, Prolo Therapy and N.A.E.T. She has worked with a variety
of performance horses, including individuals competing in the Olympics,Thoroughbreds racing in Breeders'
practice, Dr. Brennan is a competitive dressage rider.