Alternative Veterinary Services
The Clinic
Welcome to our waiting room and          
              reception area  ------>
<------  We have a convenient retail
         area featuring recommended
                foods and healthy treats.
All our exam rooms are comfortable
and a little whimsical too  ------>
<------  Behind the scenes we have an
      up-to-date lab area equipped         
        to help with  the tests your pet       
We have everything needed by our
groomer to give your furry friend a
wash, clip and go adventure     ------>
Also, in the back we have a large surgical suite, a recovery area with kennels of all sizes, a pharmacy, storage space, an employee  
       area, Dr. Brennan's office, lots of storage space and room to expand.

The most important part of our clinic, though, is the staff, without whom all these wonderfully designed and equipped spaces would
be useless.